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Dan Leidl Bio

• Is fascinated with human achievement and how people are best motivated to pursue their goals
• Has a BA, two Master’s Degrees and a PhD
• Fulfilled a dream of working for the The Jim Henson Company, proudly serving the international licensing department
• Writes for a variety of publications, including The Washington Post, Good Business International, and others about topics ranging from leadership in sport to sustainable business practices
• Played with the United States Indoor Lacrosse Team & the Irish National Team in a total of five World Championship events
• Is committed to seeing lacrosse grow in Ireland
• Is dedicated to the growth of lacrosse in Ireland, and sits on the board of the Irish Lacrosse Foundation
• Coached the men’s and women’s Irish National Teams in a total of four international events
• Enjoys working in teams, loves underdogs, and welcomes your ideas about how we can collaborate

Joe Frontiera Bio

• Lived and worked in the Silicon Valley during the dot com boom (and bust)
• Worked at WorldCom during the scandal, but did not partake in said scandal
• Left a lucrative career in sales to travel around the world…
• Went back to a non-lucrative career to get his doctorate in sport psychology.
• Became fascinated with the concept and power of organizational culture
• Explores how culture impacts performance within sport teams & athletic departments
• Co-founded Meno Consulting in 2008
• Added clients like the US Department of Justice to his who’s who list
• Co-authors regular columns for the Washington Post and others
• Is passionate about helping organizations explore ways to keep pushing forward


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