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“The authors examine what it takes to get a failing team back on track — especially when teams are asked to do more with less.”


In  today’s uncertain economic environment, teams are asked to do more with less. With resources stretched thin, turning around a struggling team has never been harder, and managers must work to identify and maximize whatever potential strengths a team already has. As sports fans already know, behind every great underdog story is a leader who roots out the competitive advantage that will propel the team to victory. In Team Turnarounds, Joe Frontiera and Dan Leidl share how this fine art of the turnaround really works, from how to inspire the team to the actual tools for change.


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Available July 2012


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“Pick up a copy of Team Turnarounds to discover the six stages that almost all underperforming teams go through. From state governments to sports teams and corporations, all teams have experienced defeat or, at the very least, lackluster performance. In Team Turnarounds, Frontiera and Leidl detail memorable transformation stories and give readers a personal guide for revamping our own teams.”

—Marshall Goldsmith, author, New York Times bestsellers MOJO and
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“As a member of the New England Patriots and an alumnus of Tufts University’s lacrosse program, I’ve been in the trenches with organizations fighting to get ahead and striving for the winner’s circle. Team Turnarounds advances a developmental process that not only captures how to be a winner, but also uses everyday stories to guide people with big goals forward and motivate any leader to strive to be greater.”

—Dan Kraft, New England Patriots

“Team Turnarounds provides a compelling look at how great teams stick together and persevere through the toughest times and emerge victorious, whether it’s in sports or the competitive world of business.”

—Dave Brandon, director of athletics, The University of Michigan, and chairman of the board, Domino’s Pizza, Inc.

“Team Turnarounds is a great tool for all managers who find themselves faced with intractable problems. The advice and insight provided in the book are tremendously helpful and inspiring for executives with underperforming components. Read it and win!”

—Oliver Luck, athletic director, West Virginia University, and
former president and CEO, NFL Europe

“Recovering quickly from adversity is what separates the best from everyone else. Team Turnarounds has the formula and the tools to execute a team’s recovery. Read this book, and then do the outstanding worksheets at the back, to own your own team’s turnaround.”

—Molly Fletcher, sports agent, and author, The Business of Being the Best

“Team Turnarounds is thought-provoking, insightful, practical, and readable. It will give you all of the tools necessary to lead a team, especially during a crisis. It should be a must-read for all CEOs and leaders, and I am going to make it required reading for our management and leadership teams at NetCom Learning.”

—Russell Sarder, author, and CEO, NetCom Learning

“An elegantly simple and powerful model for lifting team performance. Having led and helped to engineer turnarounds in both the corporate world and the non-profit world, I can say that Team Turnarounds captures well what leaders need to do. Well done!”

—Douglas R. Conant, former president and CEO, Campbell Soup Company, and author, TouchPoints

“Many who have participated on teams understand the stark difference between winning and losing, but few understand the dynamics required to alter a team’s performance and affect the outcome. Team Turnarounds is an excellent resource for anyone looking to better understand team dynamics and how to improve their team’s performance.”

—Joseph J. Beneducci, chairman, president & CEO, ProSight Specialty Insurance

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