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Meno Mission


Our work with leaders and teams is driven by four basic beliefs.

1 Leaders Grow By Expanding Awareness

The name Meno Consulting originates from the dialogue Meno, written by Plato. In Meno, Socrates demonstrates that humans have an innate knowledge, and sometimes the right teacher or experience is required to bring that knowledge to the surface. While we see our clients as the content experts of their businesses, we recognize that the right questions and experiences can help leaders expand their awareness, of both themselves and their teams.

2 Teams Grow through Leadership

With clear values, coherent strategy and compelling vision, teams will perform and engage. Leaders who build supportive cultures through meaningful, collaborative and innovative work, motivate achievement.

3 Everyone Wants to Achieve

No one sets out to lose . . . We all want to achieve, but need support and guidance in the process. Great teams are comprised of members who are there for each other, working diligently to overcome setbacks in the pursuit of goals.

4 Sport Can Teach Us

Sport serves as a powerful metaphor for achievement, success, performance, failure and much more. It can be used to teach us profound lessons about ourselves that can benefit us as leaders and help our teams achieve.

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